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Program gives black youth a viable path to college

LOS ANGELES – “I love you, dad.” The words still bring tears to Elliott David’s eyes. The 64-year-old from Watts hears them over the phone every day from his 18-year-old twins Alexander and Matthew. The boys headed off to separate colleges…


Cars Could Be An Unexpected Way We Cut…

18 December, 2018 | News In Black Featured

Fun fact: Recyclables in the U.S. are not typically recycled in the U.S. The vast majority are sold overseas to…

Elipse Therapy: A Balloon Placed Inside the Stomach…

10 September, 2018 | News In Black Featured

Americans love ice cream. They love all kinds of desserts, especially frozen desserts, but ice cream really takes the (ice…

Chicken Run These Streets: Miami Rooster Terrorizes Neighborhood

25 May, 2018 | News In Black Featured

There you are sleeping, it's still dark outside in the deepest watches of the night. A cool breeze floats through…

Top 4 Industries Poised for Promising Growth

25 May, 2018 | News In Black Featured

The world economy is constantly changing, which makes it difficult to pick winning investments. There's no secret about that. By…

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