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Program gives black youth a viable path to college

LOS ANGELES – “I love you, dad.” The words still bring tears to Elliott David’s eyes. The 64-year-old from Watts hears them over the phone every day from his 18-year-old twins Alexander and Matthew. The boys headed off to separate colleges…


African American Population Sees Rise in Life Expectancy

25 April, 2016 | News In Black Featured

Life expectancy for the white population fell while the black population in the United States experienced a rise in 2014,…

CDC Confirms Important Theory About Zika Virus

15 April, 2016 | News In Black Featured

Ever since the Zika virus turned into a genuine epidemic, South and Central American countries have seen a surging number…

Canada Shatters Expert’s Expectations for Job Growth in…

14 April, 2016 | News In Black Featured

As reported by the Wall Street Journal, Canada defied expectations across the employment industry this month as they shattered projections…

U.S. Men's U-23 Soccer Team Eliminated from Rio…

04 April, 2016 | News In Black Featured

America isn't exactly known as a global soccer powerhouse, but the U-23 men's team had high hopes for the upcoming…

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