Chicken Run These Streets: Miami Rooster Terrorizes Neighborhood

There you are sleeping, it’s still dark outside in the deepest watches of the night. A cool breeze floats through your window in beautiful Miami and your slumber continues. That is until you’re jarred awake by the voluminous crow of a recently adopted rooster. It reminds you, and the entire block, that nobody is sleeping anymore, not since Payo, El Terrorista, is awake.

Payo is a rescued rooster who was going to be used as a ceremonial sacrifice. Having compassion for the ill-fated fowl, a man adopted the rooster on the spot and saved him from his sacrificial demise. Rather than being grateful, Payo proved that he is, indeed, incapable of high intellect and possesses an attitude most fowl. Americans eat some 90 pounds of chicken every year, but this rooster is determined to survive, thrive, and dismantle the sanity of a community all at once.

“The other day I heard people screaming and I came outside and saw them running down the street. They were being chased by the rooster. He’s fast and aggressive. He harasses dogs. He comes right up to my neighbor’s glass door and pecks on it to aggravate his cats,” Andrea Lozano, a neighbor of Payo’s from two houses down, reports.

No wonder he’s gained the reputation and nickname of El Terrorista, The Terrorist. His presence has torn asunder the relations of what was once a quiet, peaceful community. Now bifurcated into two camps, there are pro-Payo and anti-Payo constituents, including an especially fed-up neighbor.

“I’m serious, you wanna listen to him (and drive YOUR neighbors crazy), be my guest. Save the planet and especially my sanity, bring a cage, leash or breadcrumbs. He’s all yours … Also, anyone with plans to make chicken noodle soup/ grilled chicken this weekend — contact me.” She’s been accused of being heartless but fails to see any redeeming qualities in the bird.

That said, apparently rogue chickens are a problem in the surrounding areas, resulting in Miami putting together a Chicken Busters task force. To date, they’ve apprehended over 15,000 fowl on the frolic. Being saved from sacrifice to fall into the hands of the Chicken Busters sounds like a cruel version of out of the frying pan, into the fire.

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