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Driving down the Long Island Expressway after the recent Winter storm in the Northeast, one driver was shocked when a large piece of ice flew off of the back of a tractor trailer and through her windshield on the passenger side. This is according to Eyewitness News, the region’s ABC affiliate. Jeanette, the diver who preferred not to giver her last name, told Eyewitness News that she followed the truck for several exits and attempted to get the driver’s attention. The driver did not stop, and the county police department is investigating the incident.

“It was a big sheet of ice,” Jeannette said to Eyewitness News. “I saw it coming, like I said. I was just trying to give the car a little bit more gas so hopefully it would fly over me but it didn’t, I didn’t make it in time.”

Even the smallest amount of ice crashing into a windshield is dangerous, as even a minor crack or imperfection that spreads too far cannot be repaired. A windshield, which accounts for up to 35% of a car’s structural integrity, can be the source of even more financial damage if it needs to be replaced.

While this incident of ice damage was just one of many cases of ice damage experienced during the transition from winter to spring, the recent Nor’Easter proved dangerous to cars on highways all over the Northeast and into the Midwest.

According to an Associated Press report, snowy weather caused two crashes in Chicago that involved 34 cars during the March storm. The pileup on Kennedy Expressway left nine people with minor injuries, the AP reports. 

A nor’easter, according to Accuweather, is a storm over the Northeastern United States that is caused by northeasterly winds that blow in from the ocean. These types of storms typically affect the United States three times per year.

This particular nor’easter storm, nicknamed “Stella” by The Weather Channel, affected a large portion of the region, put 19 million people under Blizzard Warning, and covered more than a thousand miles.

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