New social media project curates black experience

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A newly launched social media movement is encouraging black people throughout the nation to share their personal stories of what it means to be African American today.

The new program – Wells Fargo Presents: The Untold Stories Collection (#MyUntold) – leverages the reach, power and influence of social media to provide an intimate look into the African American experience, organizers say.

“By contributing, individuals are upholding the long-standing African American tradition of storytelling in a way that is relevant today,” said Wells Fargo’s Lisa Frison, vice president, African American Segment manager.

#MyUntold also creates a platform for building cultural awareness and promoting healthy dialogue, she said, and is a catalyst for self-expression that celebrates the community by showcasing the broad range of experiences among a common culture.

Interested storytellers can share their inspiring, untold stories in video, photo or writing by uploading content to the official website – – or through their social media sites using #MyUntold.

As conversation continues around the unique and sometimes challenging experiences of African Americans in America, #MyUntold provides the community an opportunity to capture and share stories that reflect their cultural identity, in their own words, Frison said.

“We’ve traveled to events across the country to capture stories and received an overwhelming response,” she said. “This demonstrated the community’s desire to be heard, understood and represented in an authentic light. Now many of these powerful videos are featured on the #MyUntold website.”

The company launched the official program website to serve as the central hub to upload, share and view stories. Visitors can view untold stories from unknown and known African Americans across the country, including influencers, community leaders and celebrities, like:

  • NAACP President and CEO Cornell William Brooks, who shares how his life is a direct result of the sacrifices made by himself and others that he will never know.
  • Former BET president and film producer-director Reginald Hudlin and actors Niecy Nash and Marcus Scribner, who share stories about the challenges they faced as African Americans breaking into the entertainment industry.
  • Celebrity makeup artist and social media influencer, Tatiana Ward, who shares her journey from a small town where she and her mother faced isolation from her grandmother due to her mixed-race heritage to becoming a world-renowned makeup artist.
  • Award-winning writer, humorist and veteran blogger, Luvvie Ajayi, who shares how the perseverance of past generations bolstered her pride in being a black woman.
  • Atlanta resident, Terry Gatson, who shares the untold story about the lessons his father taught him about the perception of African American men.

The program builds off of Wells Fargo’s African American history celebratory tour, featuring the critically acclaimed exhibit, The Kinsey Collection: Shared Treasures of Bernard and Shirley – Where Art and History Intersect. The #MyUntold program continues the dialogue that began during the tour, which focused on uplifting the community by dispelling myths and amplifying triumphs and achievements.

“#MyUntold seeks to highlight stories of historical significance that paved the way for future generations, while bringing light to modern experiences that are equally important,” said Candace McCullom, vice president, brand and advertising manager at Wells Fargo.

“By contributing, individuals are upholding the long-standing African American tradition of storytelling in a way that is relevant today.”



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